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Admission Process


To provide every child a fair & equal opportunity to develop his/her ability & potential for successful completion of education.


Students in the age bracket of (03 – 16 years).


  • As per the desired student strength in each class and school, study the number of vacancies /seats to be filled and accordingly declare admissions open.
  • Admission forms and school prospectus to be kept ready.
  • School Prospectus: The School Prospectus to bear information about school philosophy and belief statement, location specific details, infrastructure details, details about education delivery process, pedagogy and curriculum to be followed.
  • Set up Inquiry counter to satisfy queries of interested parties. If possible set up separate telephone extension(Regular line may be busy).
  • Record all inquiries and maintain parental data*
  • Information from Parents’ inquiries about admission received by the school is to be entered into the School’s prospective student inquiry database. Admission enquiries register to be maintained.
  • Registration cum Admission forms to be issued.
  • At the time of inquiry parents will be given a slip to capture the particulars.
  • When parents come to register for their child’s admission they shall be given the school prospectus.
  • Details of parents and student to be captured in E-zee Learn at the time of registration. A slip to be issued which will have a Unique Registration Number at the time of sale of prospectus.
  • Registration form may be filled online also.
  • Distribution of Admission forms in the school campus & for collection of form fees there should be provision of at least 2 persons for smooth and quick transaction.
  • Follow up with parents-telephonically or via mail.
  • Parents who have registered & paid the admission fees will be called for a meeting for the purpose of interaction.
  • The child will be asked to take an assessment (Refer admission policy for details).
  • Both parents & the child will be required to be present for the interface.

  • Parent Interaction process:

    Interaction process as follows:
  • Number of panelist: 3 school officials essential for effective screening are:
    1. The Principal
    2. Academic Counselor
    3. Section Head of the respective section (i.e. pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary).
    The above officials will be present at the time of parent interface, student’s observation & viva.
  • Plan for number of students to be called on any given day.
  • Arrange for seating and refreshments for parents.
  • Arrange for room, space with Litera Gear, games, books as per level/age of student to be observed.
  • Plan and organize for collection of fees. (Refer details in the admission policy).
  • Account section to be ready with receipt books, organize for an extra window for ease of payment and time management; Manpower and timing to be planned for.(in case of payment in school)
  • Plan and organize for material (Student Kit) to be handed over to parents at the time of fee payment /admission.
  • The office to collect the relevant student documents & ensure their safe keeping.
  • Date for Orientation sessions to be given to parents.

  • Briefing Session:

    All Staff members involved in the process of Admission to go through a briefing session.
  • Non-Teaching on Communication, Courtesy and Care.
  • Panel members on Role to be played during parent interaction, student observation & viva.
  • Office staff at fee counter and material distribution needs to know all relevant details in order to satisfy parental queries.
  • Lines of responsibility and authority to be clear. In case of doubt regarding any issue the staff must refer it to the school Principal.
  • Right to Education Act to be read and understood by the Principal.
  • School Code, Proposed Board code to be available as ready reckoner.
  • De-briefing after the completion of the Admission process is mandatory for Corrective, Preventive actions to be taken.
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