Zee School-Litera Valley Zee School Ichalkaranji


Ms Rupali Maheshwari

Education not only restricts to the intellectual development of a human being but also opens his mind to go beyond the horizon of what he gets by reading from books and find answers to the inexperienced problems that to come on the journey of life. Thus education empowers students to discover themselves in the world of quest and queries. Each and every child at the beginning of schooling possesses that potential which can lead him to be a doctor, engineer, teacher, sports person, social activist, diplomat, economist or any other personality but it is the teacher who channelizes that potential and gives the right shape. Being the chairman of the school management, I feel extremely proud here at Litera Valley Zee School. I find that teachers and students who are rightly committed to attain some noble qualities that will definitely bring them name and fame. It will not be a matter of exaggeration to state that the school management is enthused with vibrant spirit, dynamic vision, a focused ambition and sustained commitment. The support of the management is unparalleled.

The school management leaves no stone upturned in maintaining a complete infrastructural development of the school. The school is no doubt absolutely enjoying the pride of being a Hi-Tech school in this locality. The philosophy of the school management is above all kinds of social disparities and not at all confined to any social barriers on the basis of caste, creed, colour and belief. Students are given admission on the basis of their performances in the entrance exams based on the guidelines set by Zee Learn Ltd run by ESSEL group lead by the unique guidance of Dr. Subhash Chandra. All children are treated equally and looked after so affectionately both by the teachers and the management. We aim at contributing our share in nation building by inculcating good moral values and responsibility. We have to achieve a lot in the days ahead. Our dreams are yet to be cherished...

Zee School- Litera Valley Zee School Ichalkaranji
Zee School