Zee School-Litera Valley Zee School Ichalkaranji


Litera Valley Zee School, Ichalkaranji is known for its infrastructure and facilities provided to the students. We always stress on providing a congenial environment where the body of a child will feel fresh and the mind completely rejuvenated with lush and pollution free premise and stress free atmosphere. The whole campus is under the surveillance of CC TV cameras.

Learning Centre — Library

The school’s Library aims to provide a wide range of printed and electronic resources to support the academic, creative and cultural development of all students. It is stocked with more than 2500 books including textbooks, reference books, novel, plays, biographies, and other books.


The school provides transport to all those who wish to avail of it. Our buses plough in every area of the city including its outskirts, making it very easy for any family to send their ward to our premises without taking any hassles upon themselves.

Food Court

The School Cafeteria offers a substantial variety of food cooked under strict supervision. Every care is taken to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. The food court supplies healthy and hygienic food to the students

Computer Lab

Here at Litera Valley Zee School, Ichalkaranji we believe in harnessing thetremendous potential of technology to the maximum utilization. The need to include information technology in classroom teaching steered up us to set up and utilize multimedia. The school has set up a hi-tech computer lab with World Wide Web (WWW) accessibility.

Health Programmes

Schools can be dynamic settings for promoting health, for enabling children to grow and mature into healthy adults. An experience and development of health skills and physique through practical engagements with play, exercises, sports and practices of personal and community hygiene.

Educational Tours

The school organizes educational tours to near by places within school district. The tours engender a feeling of pride and appreciation in the country’s rich culture heritage and at the same time expose the students to the knowledge of Industry.


The school is equipped with laboratories. We have a composite science lab for the experimental processes in physics, chemistry and biology. It is well equipped with all necessary apparatus and chemical storage system.

Mathematics Lab

It is the place where the students explore the properties of Quadrilaterals, discover various Centers of a triangle, spend time on plotting and understanding graphs of various functions and appreciate beauty of mathematics. The lab is equipped with all mathematical shapes, charts & instruments.

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